Stains. We hate them. Most people have tried one or more stain removing techniques, often with limited results, or have tried products that made the problem worse. It is important if you are a do-it-yourselfer that you handle carpet and upholstery stains correctly.

Misconception 1: Salt Absorbs Spills.

Don’t use salt to soak up liquid spills. In fact, the best way to absorb spilled liquids is with a clean white cloth, slightly warm water, and mild (uncolored) dish soap. Adding salt will leave a residue that will be difficult to remove from the carpet fibers. Just blot up the spill and continue the blotting process until it is gone, then follow with another clean white cloth dampened with pure water. When blotting spills, start at the outside perimeter of the stain and work inwards so the stain does not spread into surrounding fibers.

Misconception 2: Baking Soda is a Great Stain Remover.

Baking soda is NOT a good stain remover. Don’t try it – bicarbonate of soda is a chemical that can damage carpet or upholstery fibers. Many DIY sites promote the use of baking soda as a stain removing hack, but this can be a very bad idea. Baking soda is very hard to fully remove, as it bonds to the backing and carpet fibers. The chemical qualities of the product, while excellent when using to absorb odors in a refrigerator or as DIY toothpaste, should never be used on carpet or upholstery.

Misconception 3: Commercial Spot Remover Won’t Damage Carpet.

Standard brands of spot and stain removers for carpet and upholstery found in grocery stores, hardware stores, and home improvement stores may damage wool or latest generation fibers used in carpet manufacture. Some of these commonly-used products can lead to chemical burns on wool carpets — so beware. Always, always, test a spot remover in a hidden area before trying it on a stain.

Misconception 4: Frequent Carpet Cleaning Makes Your Carpet Get Dirty Faster.

While it can be true that low quality carpet cleaning often leaves a residue that attracts dirt, a quality deep cleaning performed by the Evrus technicians will get to the deep-down dirt and leave your carpets free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, pet stains, and odors. This type of professional cleaning helps to increase longevity for your valuable carpets – and leaves the air within your home clean and fresh without the odor of low quality perfumed soaps.

Misconception 5: Rub a Stain on Carpet or Upholstery.

Never rub a stain, as it drives the contaminant deeper into the fibers. Always blot, first with a dry white cloth to absorb excess liquid and then with warm water, from the outside in. Never, never rub. When you rub carpet fibers, you are damaging the tufts that create the soft pile. As the fibers are pulled from the pile, it looks and feels less rich and inviting.

Misconception 6: Use Hot Water.

Hot water can impact the dye in carpet or upholstery, or “set in” stains from blood, wine, or other darker spills. Never use hot water to try to handle a stain on upholstery or carpet due to the risk of creating a permanent stain.

Misconception 7: Rarely Clean Upholstery.

Many people have been led to believe that consistent cleaning of upholstery will damage the fabric. While this is true when the cleaning is performed incorrectly, a high quality deep cleaning will actually prolong the life of your upholstery fabric. Dirt, dust, pet dander, allergens, oils and other substances affect the life of the fibers, and keeping upholstery cleaned regularly with the proper method for that type of fabric will help keep your furniture fresh and clean while removing contaminants that will eventually lead to degradation of the fabric.

Misconception 8: Vinegar is an Effective Stain Remover.

Vinegar is an acidic liquid, and the strength of the acid can impact the dyes in fabrics on upholstery or carpet. Never use white vinegar to attempt stain removal. When used on the wrong type of fiber, it could damage the fabric or carpet to the point of needing to be replaced. The use of white vinegar may be correct for certain types of stains and fibers, but it is important that you “know before you go.”

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