No matter how hard you scrub, mop, vacuum, or dust and how many special cleaning products you use, stains, allergens, dirt and contaminants remain hidden in fibers and embedded in cracks, seams, and corners How are we able to do what we do? Here are 20 reasons why you should call:

1. Specialized Cleaning Equipment 

We have developed specialized cleaning equipment for every home area or item. From our truck-mounted extraction system for carpet cleaning, to our stone, wood, tile, and grout restoration equipment, this equipment works to deep clean and restore.

2. Highly-Trained Technicians

Our team of technicians has been trained in IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration Certification) cleaning protocols. Technicians trained by the IICRC use advanced cleaning processes. At Evrus, we are not new to the business. We have over 60 years honing our craft, and we take great pride in producing the cleanest clean possible.

3. Deep Cleaning 

From carpet to upholstery, over time any fabric will accumulate dust, dirt, pathogens, allergens, and visible stains. Spot remover may help you keep the surface looking clean, but deep within the fibers, unhealthy substances accumulate. To remove them, a specialized system must be used to extract the pollutants from the fibers. We have a powerful extraction system and cleaning products appropriate for every type of fiber that not only cleans, freshens, and restores, but protects special dyes from the risk of fading.

4. Drape Cleaning and Restoration 

Whether your home has custom window treatments, valances, festoons, or drapes, over time the dust and dirt will collect. For a complete clean that makes your home smell exceptionally fresh, our drape cleaning service not only removes and rehangs your drapes, but promises all pleats and hems are perfect, every time.

5. Dust and Allergens Removed from Blinds

Whether you have shutters, shades, wood blinds, or custom shades, you can expect that over time, they will become polluted with dust and allergens that are difficult to fully remove by hand. Our system works to remove every speck of dust and dirt so your blinds are restored to the cleanest clean possible.

6. Tile Restored 

While you may have spent hours on your knees scrubbing and polishing tile floors or bathroom features, it can be next to impossible to restore the gleaming freshness the tile had when installed without specialized equipment and the commercial cleaning products used by the technicians at Evrus. Our commercial grade equipment and heated solution along with a high-pressure rinse and vacuum power works to bring back the beauty of your tile.

7. Grout Revitalized and Spotless 

Cleaning products available to consumers cannot produce the spotless, restored look to grout that our trained Evrus technicians achieve. Our system blasts through every type of dirt, grease, mildew, and grime to bring corrupted grout back to its original spotless look. Once fully cleaned, we offer additional services, including changing grout colors and sealing. Talk to us about professional grout cleaning – the difference in what you could achieve on your own, with hours of scrubbing, is extreme – take a breather and let us get the job done right.

8. Stone Restored 

Whether you have slate, marble, granite, or other type of stone for flooring, bathroom features, or countertops, indoor or out, our cleaning systems work to restore the natural beauty of your stone. While stone is highly durable, it is also porous and prone to staining and losing its natural sheen. We carefully prepare the stone for cleaning using lab-developed abrasive compounds, cleaning agents, and professional grease-cutters. We then employ a system to hone away any scratches, wear marks, or etching affecting the surface. The result is stunning.

9. Carpets Deep Cleaned 

While there are countless businesses offering carpet cleaning, Evrus technicians, along with our high-powered equipment, take the process to a higher level. We use a deep extraction method along with a non-toxic emulsifying product to loosen the dirt lingering deep within the carpet fibers. Followed with deodorizers and the addition of our special protectant, your carpets will be fully refreshed, look amazing, with a clean that lasts longer.

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